Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics

Restoration Procedures in San Francisco, California

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Since 2007, hair restoration doctor Dr. John Diep has welcomed both male and female patients to Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics in San Francisco, California. The practice offers a number of hair follicle harvesting and replacement techniques, including the Diep follicular unit extraction (FUE) curve technique. Dr. Diep stands out as the developer of this state-of-the-art procedure, created to efficiently and effectively harvest many different types of follicles.

Thanks to Dr. Diep's broad base of experience, patients from all over the world and from all walks of life have sought out treatment at Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics. A specialist in the treatment of black African hair, Dr. Diep welcomes patients of all ethnicities. He treats both men and women with skill and is experienced in the restoration of facial and eyebrow hair as well as hair on the head.

The practice's diverse clientele includes celebrities as well as ordinary individuals, many of whom have submitted testimonials to the quality of their results. Clients also speak of the caring nature and professionalism of Dr. Diep and his staff, all of whom uphold a dedication to patient satisfaction.