Mehdi TAZI

Big Data Architect and Scrum Master in Paris, France

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Hello, I'm a Big Data Architect & Scrum Master from Fez, Morocco living in Paris, France.

I have an Engineering degree in Software Engineering & Master 2 degree in Distributed information systems.

I currently work at a company as a Consultant, where I spend most of my time architecting Information Systems& managing projects using scrum methodology. Setting-up technical, functional and organisational architectures is my daily job, i also design & code JAVA/JEE BigData/Reactive softwares using NoSQL & relational Databases.

Since i was 14 years old, computer science became my passion, so a software engineer is not just a job for me.

In my free time, I enjoy learning new techs & frameworks.

I also participate in opensource projects. Or I make mine.

Beside Computer science field, i'm a Science, Philosophy & Psychology lover. Learning about those fields brings me a lot of joy.

Arts play a big role in my life too, I like playing music or taking photographs from time to time.

During my vacation, I enjoy discovering new cultures.

  • Education
    • Master’s degree MIAGE( Business Informatics ) in Engineering of Distributed Information Systems
    • Engineering degree in Software Engineering