How To Buy A Second Hand Boat

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Here, we will take a jaunt through someunusual yet very good places to buy a second hand boat from SanLorenzo Yachts for Sale.

Marine surveyor

A marine surveyor is a person whounderstands all yachts, including CRN yachts, inside out andcan see any problems that are important in deciding the condition ofthe boat. For instance, they may see an engine that's beyondserviceable use, or osmosis in the gelcoat that may need pounds tomend.

Where to buy from?

There is a plethora of places to get aboat from. The first thing you need to consider is your level ofexpertise. While folks who may want to have the full survey on ahigh-priced relatively new vessel should think about a yacht broker,however in the event that you can do most acceptable repairs to CRNyachts you can definitely go to an auction.

DEA and the FBI seize hundreds of boatsa year which have been utilized to run drugs into the United States.Drugs cartels will purchase brand sports fishing boats and new motorcruiser with engines that are really good and as often as not theFeds will bust them.


Facebook is just another place to lookfor used yachts. You can find two UK groups that private owners cansell their vessels on with no fee fees and because they are getting100% of the cost they're going to sell them more cheaply than theusual yacht broker.

Classified ads

The Classified ads in boating magazinesare another good place to look – this is where people have soldtheir yachts for decades before the advent of the internet.

Yacht Brokers

Finally, yacht brokers such as MiamiInternational Yacht Sales. They're going to set a healthy profitmargin on the boats you sell, and also you must always bring in amarine surveyor to look attentively at the vessels.