Michael A Morrison

Artist and Photographer in Brisbane City, Australia

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Morrison is a multidisciplinary visual artist, working with painting, drawing, mixed media and photographic mediums. Beginning his photographic journey in 2004 when he first began to study & explore the silver gelatin process with B&W film & darkroom printing, inspired by his love of candid street photography, after a successful career in performing arts............

Michael has exhibited locally in Australia, in a solo & group shows, including the QLD Festival of Photography, Sydney's HeadOn Photo Festival & internationally in the US & Canada, studied photography at tertiary level, along with being a published photographer in Australia.

Since his graduation in 2009, Michael has been invited as a guest speaker by the Southbank Institute of Technology, in Brisbane, Australia, where he is currently based, to share his passion of visual communication with tertiary level photography students, and he continues to quench his thirst for creative development thru integrated arts studies & experimental creative process.....

Michael is currently undertaking study in vis arts/painting. He is gaining a strong audience for his evocative abstracted artwork's.

"It is the artist’s job to present questions. The best present many… Simultaneously" (Ted Byrne)

Education/Prof Development:

Ass Degree in Arts (Dance)

Cert IV (Photography)

Dip of Photo-Imaging

Porfyri Galleries Photography Scholarship Award

"creAtive vision, huMour & huManity"

  • Education
    • ADA (Dance) Cert Arts (Photography) Dip Photog