Mindi Smith

Mindi Smith lives by the motto “Find your stride” - and has indeed found her stride and stayed with it, producing a list of impressive accomplishments and a heavy-weight resume that will continue to propel her successfully forward for years to come.

Mindi Smith has always been very active, first starting in ballet, jazz, tap, and gymnastic classes along with running cross country, track & field, basketball, and volleyball before getting a personal trainer and learning more about health and fitness. Her parents, Steve and Julie, have been married for over 30 years now and Mindi has a younger sister named Staci.

Mindi believes in focusing on your personal goals and being the best that you can be. The fitness industry can be very competitive, but "I think it’s best when you follow your own path, make your own journey in life, and be the individual that makes you different from everyone else."

As a top fitness competitor and model, Mindi Smith has over 10 years experience in the field of personal training through the National Councel of Strength and Fitness, nutrition counceling, public speaking, and is motivating and inspiring men and women of all ages through her unlimited accomplishments and ability. She defies the perception of women in the fitness industry as genuinely beautiful and feminine with a plethora of fitness editorials, pictorials, covers, and features in all mediums from magazines to websites to television.

Mindi Smith is enthusiastic and extremely dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals! Mindi currently offers one-on-one personalized training focusing on physical fitness, performance, nutrition, and overall weight loss.

For more detailed information and to work with Mindi, please contact her at [email protected]