Mohssine Sabih

Casablanca, Morocco

For Mohssine Sabih , his fans were the ones who helped him rebound, giving him strength when he thought success may have been a thing of the past. Mohssine’s fans in morocco embraced him when he started releasing music on the internet, most notably the mix tapes that included his # 1 singles “Lik Nti ” and “Your Love ” It was the reaction to these songs that convinced the trailblazing singer to title his new album,Lik Nti “I was surprised by all the love and support I got from all my fans when I started doing the ‘Your Love ’ record “They were getting really good reception, so I wanted to make it ‘Fans Are My Everything.’ It’s more personal to them and they can identify with that, from where I’ve been two years ago to now. They can see the progress and the maturity and the level of music that I’m putting out.” ” he says of his more confrontational output. “When I go into making music, I don’t think of a genre or certain type of material. It’s whatever comes out. We might do an dance song or a pop song.” And with New Generation., Mohssine Sabih shows that he’s better than ever.

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    • Mohssine Sabih Officiel
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    • Groupe scolaire anoual
    • IHB ART MEDIA Pub en 3D
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