Shanita Holloway

Mother, Realtor, and Consultant in Houston, Texas

Shanita Holloway

Mother, Realtor, and Consultant in Houston, Texas

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About Shanita Holloway:

Shanita Holloway handles her clients and her life with a personal touch. That philosophy has

been the key to her success.

Shanita parlays her real estate license into a lifestyle. The affable realtor forged a notable

reputation as one of the leading sellers in the burgeoning Houston housing market by combining

her love of the real-estate business and the nurturing sensibilities of being a Mom. Individuals

searching for the perfect home in the local market or taking on the daunting task of relocating are

drawn to her professionalism and her ability to get the job done. They hire her because she cares.

Shanita has transformed the way realtors do business. She single-handedly created a three-

pronged approach to helping prospective buyers, homeowners, and tenants looking to buy, sell,

or lease real estate: Use an expansive network and keen know-how to find the perfect property.

Use kindness and caring to guide your clients through the process. Make your clients a priority,

even after the sale. It's a fail-safe formula that her Shanita Holloway Realty Team proudly

applies. The strategy helped Shanita obtain the coveted "Million Dollar Listing" within her first

year of being licensed.

. With years of experience under her belt, the savvy seller balances work and home-life

effortlessly. The mother of two young boys understands that each aspect of her life deserves

uninterrupted attention. More importantly, she does not shy away from her faith. Shanita warmly

welcomes all clients while maintaining her belief that, with a spiritual center, she will be guided

to the best by the best; God. To that end, she mastered the art of closing the deal while never

compromising family and faith and respecting the needs of her clients. This philosophy and a

reputation that has fueled numerous referrals help the well-rounded "mommypreneur" build on

her growing, diverse client list.

When she meets a new client, Shanita Holloway tells them: "I was born in Newark, New Jersey,

and I am now a proud Houston resident. You are getting East Coast savvy and Southern charm

wrapped in a high-powered realtor dedicated to ensuring that you find your perfect home”.

Join the Shanita Holloway Realty Team of Walzel Properties LLC today and make yourself at home.

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