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Mongolia Cashmere was first established in 2004. We began in a casual flea market stall in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our cashmere products became much loved by all which led us to open our first retail store in Toorak. From then on, the business has been growing, thriving and serving customers for more than 12 years. Over these 12 years, our passion for the business and personable service that we deliver to all our clients has only got stronger. We are renowned for providing the finest cashmere knitwear and accessories, whose origin is from the mountain goats of Mongolia plateau near the Gobi Desert. Only the fine under down yarn from those goats is used for Cashmere and merely about 125g can be collected from each goat each season. Cashmere is soft, smooth and light and described as “Soft Gold” or “Diamond of fibres”. With the most advanced production line, we provide the highest quality and most stylish designs in a wide range of products.

We have now taken the next step – to service customers worldwide we have moved to an online store. To give all our customers more value and versatility, we are now also offering a customised service – “Create Your Own”. Here you can order your tailored cashmere knitwear to suit your style, size, and colour.

We sincerely hope you find what you are looking for on our online store and that we provide you with the quality of product and level of service that you expect. We look forward to continuing to add colourful and stylish cashmere to your lives for many more years to come.


Mongolia Cashmere, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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