Storyteller, Filmmaker, and Transmedia Architect in Barcelona, Spain

Montecarlo, born in Barcelona, Spain.

BA in Fine Arts. MBA in Film and TV. PhD (2016 expected) in Communication.

Started his career as a comic-book author (writer & artist) and video maker.

Since then he has written feature films and has script-doctored other film projects (fiction & documentary). He has directed short films and 3D animation series, taking charge of the script, the storyboard and direction.
He has also designed exhibitions, and interactive games.

His interest in exploring new narrative strands has led him to create in 2007 Química visual (Visual Chemistry), the first Spanish company dedicated to organizational storytelling and transmedia.

Nowadays he acts as an independent consultant.

He combines this work with lectures and workshops in the same areas.

He is co-author of the novel “El consejo” (The board/The advice), a story about the power of Storytelling, and author of "Down in the Hole", “The Director's Job: Filmmaking Techniques” and “One Day at a Time – a Journey Through Images”.

Montecarlo lives on the road. He tells stories and observes the changes of light and the passing of time, unrepeatable events. He likes to share life with his loved ones and loves the people he’s with.


"Reality is. Everything else is stories."

“I consider that filmmaking is a natural extension of writing if, when you sit down to do it, you think in images. So, I write with both, words and images.”

“Language is a virus.” – W.S. Burroughs

“Learning is finding out what you already now.
Doing is demonstrating that you know it.
Teaching is reminding others that they know it just as well as you.
We are all learners, doers, teachers.
Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.˝ – N. Ray

"Yes, for us in the Shakespeare Squadron, writing is just that:
not an escape from reality, but an attempt to change reality,
so the writer can escape the limits of reality.” – W.S. Burroughs

“Film is a battlefield. There’s love, hate, action, violence, death. In a word: emotions.” – S. Fuller

“Every day is a good day.” – Zen proverb

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