McLean, VA

As a moving company with more than 100 years of experience, MoveAmerica has led its industry in originating a streamlined, inexpensive moving service. The licensed, bonded, insured, and family-owned company is dedicated to providing a combination of exceptional customer service, unparalleled knowledge of the moving process, and integrity in all it does. MoveAmerica understands that it does not simply move freight—it moves families’ and individuals’ personal belongings. Because of this, MoveAmerica takes great care to ensure that it provides safe, secure, reliable transportation in all its moving services.

By taking advantage of unused space in the trailers of large trucking companies, MoveAmerica is able to offer its clients substantial savings. MoveAmerica’s clients’ belongings are safely and inexpensively shipped because large trucking companies allow MoveAmerica to use their extra space at a very low rate. To ensure that each client’s possessions are safe and secure, MoveAmerica uses security dividers. After a client’s belongings are loaded into the front of the trailer, the driver erects a security divider wall that will separate it from the commercial cargo that is loaded behind the bulkhead. While the commercial cargo may, at times, be loaded or unloaded, MoveAmerica’s clients are assured that their load does not move until the client or a hired MoveAmerica team member unloads it at the final destination.

In addition to providing significant financial savings, MoveAmerica offers its clients several convenient storage options. Clients who need to safely and inexpensively store their shipment have the option to do so using the trailer into which it was originally loaded. The trailer is housed at MoveAmerica’s facilities that are locked, gated, and patrolled. MoveAmerica also offers a version of container storage in the company’s trademarked ‘Vaults’.

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