Mr. Bradley

United States

My name is Andujar Alexander Bradley, although over the years, I've been known as "Divine" Bradley". There are some cool things you can find online under that name. The name came during my journey as a social entrepreneur.

In the background, you can see the difference between my two identities. Today I focus more on working smarter and not harder, as My work over the past decade has been very grass roots and gritty, and today it's more refined. I am a creative person at heart that loves to inspire people and create changes in the world to make lives better.

My personal mission is to touch, move, and empower people to want to do the same thing! My professional mission is simply to just Make A Living GIVING. As a social entrepreneur, I just can't help thinking about ways to make the world a better place by creating awesome business ideas and projects.

I've done some cool things over the past decade such as: opened a couple community centers, received a few noble awards for my civic leadership, headlined national and international speaking tours, was a subject in an award winning film and modeled for one of the largest brands in t