Mayor Terrence D. Culbreath

Mayor, Consultant, and Photographer in Johnston, South Carolina

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Mayor Terrence Culbreath serves as the 13th Mayor of Johnston, South Carolina. He is a Johnston native and left the small town after high school to chase his dreams. Culbreath’s personal pursuit of happiness landed him in incredible places. He has done everything from working for NASCAR to producing Grammy nominated songs. During his travels he gained a unique worldview and eventually made his way back to Johnston with a passion to make an impact in his hometown.

Mayor Culbreath is the youngest mayor ever elected in the Town of Johnston at age 31 and currently at 35, is the youngest 2 tern mayor in the state of South Carolina. Mayor Culbreath has used his time in office with the mission of "Moving Johnston Forward", by focusing on economic development, investments in recreation and quality of life. Prior to his election as mayor in 2014, Culbreath served two years on Johnston Town Council where he focused on improving both the Public Works and Police Departments as well as community infrastructure to attract new businesses and residents. Terrence serves on a wide variety of boards and community organizations including, MASC (Municipal Association of South Carolina) Executive Board of Directors (Columbia, SC), and Executive Committee member SCCBM (South Carolina Conference of Black Mayors) to name a few. In addition to his work with the Town of Johnston, Mayor Culbreath strives to cultivate relationships with local churches, community organizations and stakeholders such as Edgefield County Schools, and Edgefield County Peach Growers to build his coalition of true Johnston believers.

“Distance creates distortion” is a quote by Pastor Carl Lentz that Culbreath lives by. This specific quote hits home for him because he says that “it tells a lot about how we live and interact with the world today. So many people have opinions or points of view on people, issues and subjects but they are so far from that their point of view is distorted and sometime even toxic.”

Outside of his day-to-day duties as mayor, Culbreath loves to explore his other passions. Little-known fact he actually owns a photography company (Culbreath.Photography) and political consulting firm (Eighty3Media & Consulting). As you can see Mayor Culbreath embodies the role of a renaissance man and a future statesman.

  • Work
    • Mayor of the Town of Johnston South Carolina
  • Education
    • Full Sail University
    • University of South Carolina Aiken