Munit & Jörg

Munit and Jörg have been creating a most unique and energized blend of Ethio- Acoustic Soul music in Addis Abeba, around Ethiopia and the world! This Ethio-German duet has been entertaining thousands of people with their exciting and engaging live shows, sharing their love for funk, soul and Ethiopian flavors with audiences everywhere.

Since the duet formed in 2007, Munit and Jörg have had a great journey performing in all the best jazz and world clubs in Addis Abeba. With just one voice and one guitar, they create sounds that are larger than life while bringing an intimacy that makes their audience feel as though they are sitting with old friends in their living room. They believe in creating a positive and uplifting vibration where the audience becomes part of ‘the band, clapping, singing and moving to the music even if it’s in a language they don’t understand!

Munit’s voice soars in perfect harmony and beat with the rhythmic strumming and drumming of Jörg’s playing as they infuse new energy into old song and tell their own personal stories with joy and play at the heart of it all.