A fully licensed company offering property recovery nationwide, MyMoneyMonitor efficiently locates unclaimed money and returns it to its original owners. MyMoneyMonitor was founded more than a decade ago, and to date, it has assisted over 300,000 clients in claiming their government-retained funds. By continuously scanning millions of financial records and using complex algorithms, MyMoneyMonitor tracks down lost money. The company then matches missing funds with the rightful owners, locating individuals with escheated money and helping them to collect it as quickly as possible.

Upon receiving the necessary information, MyMoneyMonitor generally returns missing property in under 90 days. Unlike government agencies, MyMoneyMonitor collects no interest on unclaimed property rolls and charges no up-front fees. By requesting no compensation until after clients have received a check, MyMoneyMonitor shares its clients’ interest in guaranteeing an expedient and successful claims procedure. MyMoneyMonitor takes pride in the quality of its customer service, assisting clients through every step of the retrieval process, including claims obstacles. In order to serve a wider customer demographic, MyMoneyMonitor staffs bilingual representatives who are able to guide Spanish-speaking clients through the process.

MyMoneyMonitor is headquartered in Bakersfield, California, and operates nationwide. Constantly on the lookout for new ways to remedy customers’ unnecessary losses, MyMoneyMonitor has plans for future expansion to areas outside of fund recovery, possibly including tax and insurance overpayment notifications.