Nancy Beacham

Mental Fitness Coach in Seattle, Washington

Nancy Beacham

Mental Fitness Coach in Seattle, Washington

Nancy Beacham, Next Chapter, LLC

Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mental Fitness and Management Coach

  • Feeling stress? Burn-out? Improve your life with mental fitness training.
  • International Coaching Federation credentials
  • HR Leader, management, leadership and transition Coach for business and personal clients

Achieve even more success in work and life with less stress. I provide private and corporate clients with coaching, management skill building and team performance improvement through PQ mental fitness bootcamps and workshops.

I have over 25 years of experience in HR, and client and executive coaching, HR management and talent planning, driving results for companies large and small, including Microsoft, Citrix Systems, Amazon,, Koru, Coding Dojo, SODO Consulting and others.

Client recommendation quotes:

**Mental Fitness Client:

“In our times, who wouldn't benefit from increasing their mental fitness? Don't do this alone, hire Nancy Beacham. With decades of experience in HR, Nancy not only models what she teaches, she helps you navigate working out at the gym of mental fitness with clarity, pragmatic frameworks and tools, and with courage and grace.”

**PQ Bootcamp client: I am much less stressed and more resilient after the Bootcamp and coaching. This was an important choice for my life and work.

**Microsoft coaching client: "After talking to Nancy, I feel lighter., and ready to move forward."

**Citrix client: "Nancy has high impact with a subtle touch; our team dynamics on the leadership team have improved markedly as a result."

**Personal coaching client: "Nancy has my back. In our coaching, I know I have done the work and I'm proud of that. She provides the structure that allows me to do it quickly and in the way that works for me."

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