Nancy RossBakker

A member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), Nancy Ross Bakker helps Oregon families by offering services as a Social Worker, mediator, family counselor, and educator. Taking her role in people's lives seriously, Nancy Ross Bakker assists clients by offering them friendly, warm, and professional respect and care, considering their needs and drawing on her experience counseling people of many backgrounds and ages. In December 2006, Nancy Ross Bakker published an article in the Oregon State Bar Family Law Section Newsletter, entitled “Parenting Time, A Proposal for Oregon.” In her local community, Nancy Ross Bakker has provided her expertise and support to a number of organizations, including school systems. She also contributes her professional opinions in court hearings, both in custody cases and mental health proceedings, as a Mental Health Examiner. Nancy Ross Bakker conducts evaluations of individuals and families to develop informed recommendations on sensitive subjects, particularly concerning custody cases. Her experience with mediating disputes in many different families has helped her to develop an unbiased perspective on how best to assist parents in the midst of events and issues related to separation and divorce. Through her private practice, Nancy Ross Bakker also offers counseling services to families and individuals seeking to repair disagreements or cope with loss, family-of-origin issues, and life changes. Nancy Ross Bakker endeavors to give clients more effective tools to enrich their family dynamics. With her help, many families can achieve levels of communication that compare favorably to the levels that existed before major changes like divorce and separation. Nancy Ross Bakker also offers child and adolescent therapy, and she has provided health and risk assessments in the local schools as well as Tillamook County's Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). Acknowledging that individuals’ lives have been full of experiences and influences, she truly believes that people have the ability to address problems that seem insurmountable. Providing her clients with guidance from a professional who genuinely cares, she helps others access the tools to overcome the obstacles they face.