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I am a happy, polyglot (I speak and write six languages), open minded Aquarius, eudaimonistic hedonist (no, I don't find it contradictory at all) Goodreadslibrarian, polymath, cook, quipster, TV-addict, nerd, reader, thinker, tweeter, eclectic chatterbox and aloha liver. I am dedicated to life and my man. All dogs, cats and friends. What else?

Dreadfully hooked on Scrabble and a TV Show called Doctor Who. Retired (but still sharp tongued) HAZMAT & safety expert, smoke diving fire-fighter, medic and now legal advisor for the implementation of certain standards such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and once developed the ISO 45001 standard. I am also a freelance counsellor for first and second responders.

Currently I am working as a part time teacher and translater again.

And I have begun creating and selling digital art.

What I like: pitch dark and even self-deprecating Humour. Integrity, Honesty, Dignity, Creativity, Positiveness and Philanthropy are also high on my list of indispensables. And You, who takes the time to read this. What I don't like: Ignorance, Intolerance, Fanaticism of any kind, Cruelty, Misanthropy and stiff arsed Bigots.

Und ich bin eine überzeugte Exsilanerin:

  • Work
    • Careteam 4 First Responders
  • Education
    • I was mostly educated by life, books, a restless mind and by doing it.