Natasha Gammon

Hey, I'm Natasha in Virginia Beach, VA..... I'm a very passionate person, a proud mom & I live a healthy life style. I ♥ the Red Sox & New York Jets!

Im a single mom. It is the best job ever, and one of my biggest accomplishments. My son is the most amazing little boy! He has so much personality in him and at only five, makes me think I might be in trouble down the road! :o) I also work full-time, so when Im not doing that I try to spend as much time with my little man as possible.

I try to be a silver-lining, see-the-bright-side-of-things kinda girl. My positive disposition and forgiving nature are qualities I appreciate in myself but have not always worked in my favor. Respect is a huge thing to me... the respect I have for myself, the people around me, and the respect I get from others. People these days are too self-involved sometimes to even be mindful of how they are treating those around them... How can any few words in such a small space really paint a picture of who a person is anyway???