Neil Dhillon

Washington, DC

Since early in his career, Neil Dhillon has thrived in two of his lifelong obsessions, public policy and politics. His career first began in 1980, where he began his undergraduate major of Political Science at The American University in Washington, DC. He was able to complete his Bachelor’s degree in 1984. Though he was always interested in history, specifically with how history impacts politics, both current and in the future. He saw the past as his laboratory, trying to learn why people from the past did what they did. He wanted to make sure he used his extensive political science and history background to help society progress rather than regress. Once he graduated, he jumped into the political scene. His first job came in 1988, where he did work for Bob Matsui, a U.S. Congressman. He became Matsui’s Chief of Staff, advising the Congressman and being present while in other big politicians “war rooms.” By utilizing his knowledge of history and political science, he was able to not only advise powerful politicians, but also foreign governments, trade groups and businesses. By exploring past decisions in history, he has been able to help all of his clients progress and make better future decisions. He believes that in order to be an informed citizen who wants to participate in Democracy, first you must understand the past. He says this is because the past will reveal solutions for not only problems today, but also in the future.He made his next big transition in 1993, sending him to the White House after his time at Capitol Hill. He was appointed to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s open Deputy Assistant Secretary of Government Affairs position by President Bill Clinton. Thanks to his strong dedication and successful work, President Clinton was quickly realized he was a one-of-a-kind world-class talent, recognizing him at an official White House ceremony as the “top Asian American appointee.” He eventually moved on from the White House in pursuit of a career within the private sector. Neil Dhillon achieved a

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    • MSL Group
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    • The American University in Washington D.C.