Neil Patrick

If you’re a business owner, you’re busy. And the urgent things often stop you doing the important things. Like really getting social media working for you. The simple facts about social media for business are that there’s no universal template for success and it needs to be attended to every single day.

But if you get it right, the rewards are huge. You’ll grow your reach, influence and client base day in day out without wasting money on traditional advertising thanks to the way social media connects people with the same interests.

A lot of people out there will offer to ‘do’ social media for you. Most are young and well educated. And young people really know this stuff, right? Not quite. Whilst they may be really good at ‘using’ social media, they often know little about business strategy, let alone implementing the right social media solution for YOUR type of business.

That’s where I fit in. I’ve been a founding director of three multi-million pound businesses. I have taught marketing at MBA level in one of the UK’s top business schools. And you can see my own social media at work live right now on my own blog and twitter accounts.

In short, I’ve been around the block and I know how to build successful businesses with powerful marketing.

So if you think social media for business is complicated, time consuming and difficult to get right, you’re right. But in today’s world, you can’t afford not to get it working for you and I can make that happen for you. Let me create and execute the right social media strategy for your business and you can get on with running your business knowing that your social media is in safe hands.

If any of this sounds like your situation, hook up with me on Linkedin and let’s talk.