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Is anyone's bio ever really completely written? I don't think it is until the moment they cease to exist.

In 2009, I began my journey in real estate. What I found along the way was an industry in the midst of a technological revolution.

I have made a career out of helping small to medium size firms, individual real estate agents and real estate brokers transition into the new age of real estate. This new age is dominated by social media branding, mobile app technology, and CRM systems.

To help real estate agents navigate through the infinite possibilities, I've opened a real estate providership in which I both write and teach MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) classes. Most of the classes/seminars I offer are created to engage agents and educate them on the real world application of technology. I train agents on marketing & branding technology as well as transactional technology. Learning these skills could have a major impact on an agent and promote business growth. Most importantly, learning these skills could keep them relevant. This also includes training real estate agents on techniques to provide uncompromising service to today's consumer.

I just read my own bio. Wow! I can do all that? Not too shabby if I may say so myself.

For more information email me at: Nelle@TheRealNelleTatum.com

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