Nick Casalini

Comedian in Los Angeles, California

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Hi, it's me Nick. Good to see you.

Connect with me on Twitter and all the other fun social network stuff down below. Why? Let me tell you...

I look really good on stage performing stand up comedy and I look absolutely fantastic on stage performing sketch comedy with Ugly & Delicious.

How amazing do I look acting on camera? Oh my god. SUPER AMAZING. Check out the 35million minute mini-series "Spirits" and see for yourself. Click on the Vimeo link below :)

If you're looking for another reason to watch the award-winning SPIRITS here it is: I co-wrote it with Muriel Montgomery (she's the other half of Ugly & Delicious).

I perform a ton of comedy, usually in Los Angeles. Follow me below for all that info.

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Alright then, see you around. xoxo