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Nicole Renee

Nicole Renee

Born and raised in Denver, CO, Nicole Renee has been producing art in many forms from her childhood. Whether it has been poetry, music or painting, Nicole has found her niche with her artistic creativity.

Nicole was inspired at a young age by the jazz legend Wes Montgomery. Later influences include Miles Davis, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Ronny Jordan, Prince and Jesse Johnson, just to name a few.

An accomplished classical/jazz guitarist, Nicole has written and produced several works incorporating her eclectic style and tone. Dubbed, "Ambient, Nu-Jazz and The Queen of Smooth Jazz", Nicole Renee is a refreshing new voice on the horizon.

Nicole states, "Music is my life, my passion...expressing myself through infinite musical possibilities. My style, my sound is without boundaries...I just play!"

Nicole conveys that passion beautifully...