Niddal Salah-Eldin


Hi Internet! My name is Niddal.

I am passionate about digital trends, social media and journalism. I believe that humour, creativity, diversity and visionary people make the world go round.

What I do

I am Head of Social Media for the German daily "DIE WELT". In my free time (i.e. when I am neither working nor spelling my name) I enjoy singing, wandering around (both online and offline), writing, traveling and taking pictures.

Also, I would trade off any meal for chocolate at any given time.

How I got here

June 1st 1998 was my first day on the web. Back then browsing was less than smooth. If you remember modems, netscape and ICQ, you'll get what I am referring to. Look at how far we've come (not that I have contributed to that in any shape or form)!

I was instantly excited about the web and went on to becoming the first girl to join the internet club at school (nerdy!). The internet has never seized to amaze me.

I believe that life is all about the connections you make.

Feel free to get in touch!

  • Work
    • Axel Springer Ag
  • Education
    • American University, Washington D.C.
    • University of Mainz