Norah Shannon

Baking, Camping, and SCA in Vancouver, Washington

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Follow Norah's thrilling adventures and antics of: The Great Corporate Escape and A Survivalist's Guide to Freelancing.

Norah is hippie-born, raised on Science and Invention on a nuclear mesa, SCAdian before she knew the Society, Technomancer before she played the game, creative genius breaking the shackles of Corporate America.

Owner of tekAura, an Information Technology & Design Consultancy involved in projects concerning Human Dynamics & Sustainability in relation to Computing and Technology, Collective Creativity & Hackerspaces, SaaS & Cloud Computing, Home & Manufacturing Automation

Artfully applies Sustainability, Disaster Recovery, Open Source and Agile Industry Best Practices to boost innovation and facilitate Organic Collaboration and Continuous Process Improvement.

  • Work
    • tekAura
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Networking Technology from Collins College