OG (O'Gara) kush

nothing like the rest, but it's not like im standing her trying to rep that "S" on my chest... just speckin the truth and if you dont like that, GET THE FUCK OUT THE BOOTH.............

chill dude, with a plan to change the mind-set ofclose minded peeps//

(open minded music)

Positive mind, bring's a positive change...

let's make now the change of tomorrow! (CORNEY I KNOW, BUT TRUE!)

We see the problems of today, but we close our eyes and backpack the other way!

Afraid to see what we could truly be in a world of, POOR! STARVING! LONELY BUMS...... Look at me! "I AM THAT BUM!:)"

looking forward and keeping my hands from reaching into that so called plan, Controlled by the, man! "Putting up bars so i can't stand!"

i know everything will be fine, you might be balancing on that thin line, but in time that line will become so strong, the gods below, couldn't cut down our stamina bro! much love PLF