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A #HeForShe :

Ask a simple question.

When is men's shit attitude to women going to stop?

One third of the women and girls on the planet being abused at any one time?

Let alone the abuse dished out to other sectors of this society of 'man'...

If you get your game together and build a mashup of what's available now by way of AI and everything else you could start rolling back the tide on misogyny way sooner than most of you think is possible at the moment.

I'm going for a core of kit that can help with this.

A group of 'us' want this to help us work society and its ever more complicated ways, so that is my main direction... but others, like those mentioned above, NEED what this can do to help them NOW, not sometime when....

So I'm combining what resources I have to push this direction and my/our own

You lot are being told about it because you are thinking beings, many with so much more sparckly connections than I have and therefore you should be able to get this kit together way sooner than I can - except it's taken you over ten years of knowing how to do this and you have yet to achieve blast off with a help system that values each and every living thing on this planet.

  • Work
    • Glass ceiling remover
  • Education
    • Education without the biases built in