Noé Tortosa

Designer in Kreuzberg, Alemania

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33 years old, eternal student, I went to university to learn psychology and philosophy while I was making studies in photography and graphic design in Madrid. After university I started working on the world largest newspaper, Metro News. Was began to study and understand the power of 3d an the new paradigm of geometry. I was 3 years learning from the masters and improving my illustration skills and hand drawing, watercolor and oil. I collaborated with a non sold video game based on origami in feudal Japan, UpsideDown, and worked as collaborator on a thriller italian-japanese movie, Sign Gene. I made sometimes postproduction in architectural video trailers for architecture brands. Now Im getting deeper in sculpture and my most powerfull tools are Alchemy, a software with no undo, the eternal Photoshop&Illustrator, and 3dStudioMAX and ZBrush.

Last year, in 2015, I finished my first novel, Time Dance, which will be soon available as free in Amazon.

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