Onyeali Onyeberechi

Mr. Onyeali Onyeberechi is an educational specialist and tutor who brings a diverse skill set to his work as the President of Onyeberechi Education Services. Onyeali Onyeberechi provides students with critical learning tools to ensure their academic success. Through one-on-one tutoring and presentation preparation, Onyeali Onyeberechi helps middle school students improve their grades, build their confidence, and realize their academic potential.

Onyeali Onyeberechi received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Morgan State University after attending Dartmouth College to study electrical engineering. With an academic background comprised of complex problem solving and critical thinking, Onyeali Onyeberechi aids students in enhancing productive study skills. Using his expertise, Onyeali Onyeberechi guides students in analyzing ideas and implementing their knowledge.

Soon after founding Onyeberechi Education Services, Onyeali Onyeberechi worked as a teaching clinician for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. In his role as a teaching clinician, Onyeali Onyeberechi provided comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to individuals with learning disabilities. Because of his outstanding work and impactful role, Onyeali Onyeberechi earned several awards including the Most Valuable Clinician Award and the Star Service Fanatic Award after his colleagues voted him the center’s best teacher and clinician.

Onyeali Onyeberechi’s passion for education and learning is an asset to his students at Onyeberechi Education Services. His education and experience uniquely position him to offer insightful learning strategies to students. Using the same skills and knowledge that earned him awards in his previous role, Onyeali Onyeberechi empowers students to succeed in the classroom.

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