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Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Algeria

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Who im ?:

Z. Oussama takie eddine

was born in Algiers (Kouba) , Algeria.

Since i was young i was intrested in communication technology

Generaly my intrest was the technology itself.

The start was with my frst PC in 1998 when i was 5 y , I remember it was a Pentium 2

With 500 MHz Proccesor & 16 MB of ram , mmm not bad for that age...

I was young and i've started to use my computer just as an entertainement tool

So i had a gamer start, i used it to play games i liked the strategy games alot...untile my mind start to develop and i realise that the computer can be used for so many things besides of gaming...

at the age of 13 i start to think i was like : i just play games who've been maded by others..

and start asking my self what if i try to make my own game...

where i can put my own imagination my own rules my own system

Simply my own new experience.

i've done a reasearch about games making and i've bought a 3D Studio max V3 CD + an additional tutorial CD (en) ,(3DS is a 3D modeling software)

Next, i've installed it on my PC and start to learn the tutorials

it was in English , now im sure that you're wondering

how a 13 year old Algerian kid can understand english , yeah i did it :)

infact i was impressed by the US culture moreover the english language

so from a young age i was standing beside the T.V and watching English movies with arabic subtitle , so i've learnd many things...vocabulary..verbs...ect until it came to a point where i could understand a movie without looking at the translation,also it was verry helpfull for me in school.

The 3D world drag me to a whole new world , the world of PC programming , i founded that a programming language is verry interesting ,it"s just the fact that you're talking to a machine is cool for me ,so i paused the 3D journey because i had to learn PC programming in order to make a full game.

This was my actual start into the world of PC programmation.


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