Pamela Ruby Russell

Writer, Musician, and Photographer in Boston, Massachusetts

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Pamela Ruby Russell - Photographer Songwriter Writer

This multi-awarded artist's about joy. She loves to co-write & pursues her studies with vocal coach Mark Baxter. The great Keith Jarrett personally invited her to his On Spontaneity Seminar. Honing her music skills nurtured her other big loves, the camera & story telling. Her first mentor was NYC photographer Myron Ehrenberg. The seed of an artist grew as she sought honesty & truth in art.

Board Pres. of her local TV station, former Vice Chair of a local Dems Comm., she organized her school's first Vietnam protest & exhibited her 'As The River Flows So Flows the Man,' a photo exposé of polluters. She traveled the Hudson River's entire coast around NY to NJ's Palisades. She also acted in two challenging plays, 'Chamber Music' as Pearl White, by A.Kopit & Giraudoux's 'The Madwoman of Chaillot,' & recently in ‘Seeds, a New England Folk Horror’ film, such beginnings for a wild woman with a film up her sleeve!

Riding an elephant in a Mexican circus, she also sang at 12 AM atop the Temple of Quetzalcóatl at the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacán, Mexico. By dawn hundreds of encamped people awaiting a Mayan holy day honored her for cleansing their sacred site with her voice. Listen to her song 'Avenue of Tears.' Reading Tarot cards in a Mexican cafe she learned enough Spanish to write 'Tengo Razon.' In the 70's she had a small P'town restaurant, 'Vital Vittles' & still loves to cook. While traveling, connecting old & new friends, she always has a camera. Her portraits, fine art prints, songs stories bring joy to clients & audiences alike.

"We're not strangers. Creating beauty in art is my work. Life's short & we're not always dealt easy hands. It's the playing of tough cards with forgiveness, love & wisdom that moves us through time in profound, useful ways. What I've learned I share! That's how I live!" Pamela's dedicated her energy to these principles in joy! Thank you.

Listen & stream Ms. Ruby's SPACE AND TIME (with Mario Gil) & LOVE'S CALLING on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Soundcloud.

Her HIGHWAY OF DREAMS album was coproduced by guitarist Peter Calo (Carly Simon, James Taylor): On iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Youtube, etc.

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For Ms. Russell's museum quality fine art prints & songs: [email protected] & FB or IG @WhiteLightArts.

  • Work
    • Photographer & Songwriter
  • Education
    • The Lovely College of Life and Living.
    • Northeastern University
    • Elizabeth Seton College
    • Mark Baxter-Vocal Coach
    • New School Of Social Research, NYC