Parsifal Corporation

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Serving a wide range of government and commercial clients, Parsifal Corporation is a relocation technology services firm that has received positive reviews and numerous accolades for its household goods auditing and efficiency analysis efforts worldwide. Established 30 years ago, Parsifal began entering into strategic agreements with customers from private and transportation companies from the outset. As Parsifal Corporation’s President and CEO, Mark Olsen manages third-party services and carrier relationships, and he also consults with clients.

The Parsifal Audit System is a custom-designed program that the company created to accumulate data on transportation expenses, carrier quality, and traffic patterns, and to identify worldwide price and performance points of reference. By referring to a vast collection of industry data assembled after many years, Parsifal Corporation can produce comprehensive reports to help companies with various relocations.

Parsifal Corporation’s MoveMetric Domestic System enables home household goods (HHG) relocation companies to compare their household goods pricing, bidding, service, and transit time against that of their competitors. This system is designed for use by primarily corporate purchase agents representing domestic moving entities, allowing them to access instant door-to-door vendor pricing, service history, and transit times for domestic HHG shipments. In addition, Parsifal Corporation's MoveMetric Domestic System allows clients to enter their shipments into a bidding situation if warranted.

The company also created the Parsifal RFP System, the Domestic Acadia System, and the Acadia Move Management System, which has been utilized by clients to realize a 30 percent savings on the costs associated with international relocations.

Since its inception, Parsifal Corporation has acted on behalf of all its clients to make certain that carrier household goods invoices are billed correctly and accurately. By integrating its services prior to billing, Parsifal realized it could eliminate an innumerable amount of associated problems. The Military Management Traffic Command nominated Parsifal Corporation as the Small Business Contractor of the Year based on its participation in the U.S. Department of Defense’s re-engineering programs.