Kevin Kinchen

After being run over LENGTHWISE by a 13,000 pound CASE 580 Backhoe tractor in 1993, I was told by Life-Flight personnel that I had only a 10-15 percent chance of surviving. God miraculously raised me up in only 13 days. On the 14th day, I was giving testimony in Living Stones Church, in Alvin, Texas, on how God STILL performs miracles today! With my wife of 31 years and our 3 children and 3 grandchildren, we are grateful to God for all of His goodness.

Having pressed through another death sentence of a staph infection in my spine, I once again saw the miracle working power of God. Even today I am proclaiming yet another victory over a diagnosis of ALS. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) The most important thing for any person to have is an intimate, day-to-day, personal relationship with the Lord. This intimate relationship with God is the common thread that weaves itself throughout all of my messages. (Yes, I am a preacher, just not your average preachy-type preacher.) I cannot see anything else that will lead, guide, or satisfy, like an intimate personal relationship with Jesus. In the intimacy of the secret place with God, anything and everything is available for every detail of our life. My prayer is to share with others the HUGE difference between “knowing about God” and actually “knowing God.”

With the mission statement, “To preach, publish, and proclaim, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, around the world, around the clock” we hope to call the unbeliever to believe, and the believer to experience an intimate relationship with the Lord. We are doing this by preaching nationally and internationally; by authoring a devotion called “E-quip” which is written fresh daily and sent out via e-mail around the world; and by writing and publishing books. The book, “The Secret Place, Revealed” is the first of several that we are writing to publish the good news of Christ to the world.

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