Pastor Max Garza


A pastor with more than two decades of experience, Max Garza leads Victory Outreach Church in Portland, Oregon. Over his tenure with the faith organization, he has successfully grown membership, with five new locations throughout the region. Complementing his work with Victory Outreach, Pastor Max Garza has established nonprofit organizations such as men's and women's homes that use faith-based strategies to aid people with substance abuse issues. In recognition of his accomplishments, he earned the Northwest Christian Community Foundation Christian Servant Award.

In terms of his international experience, the church chose Max Garza to manage ministries in Peru, Venezuela, and Columbia. His responsibilities in this regard included monitoring personnel and providing training to those who would minister to individuals in those countries.

When not working, he enjoys taking walks with his wife and reflecting on the life lessons related in the Holy Bible. For entertainment, he watches action movies starring such iconic figures as Robert De Niro and Clint Eastwood. He also reads inspirational nonfiction such as The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

  • Work
    • Pastor at Victory Outreach Church
  • Education
    • Victory Outreach School