Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami

Director in Miami, Florida

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Patrick Dwyer is a philanthropist and finance professional living in Miami, Florida. He previously worked at Merrill Lynch for 26 years as a Private Wealth Advisor. He has been able to have a successful career because of his concentration on productivity. Every morning, he wakes up at 5 a.m. and starts his day by reading financial news. Professionally, Patrick Dwyer thrives on interpersonal relationships and appreciates the insight a face-to-face conversation can provide. Additionally, because Patrick Dwyer is always keen on improving his own abilities and expertise, his mindset frequently prioritizes growth and development. Being able to learn and grow in unexpected ways is part of why Patrick Dwyer has been able to cultivate such a successful career.

Outside of work, Patrick Dwyer is passionate about helping his community thrive, which is why he founded the Dwyer Family Foundation. The foundation gives back to educational organizations in their community and strives to empower and support students of all backgrounds and abilities. Notably, the Dwyer Family Foundation has provided resources for students with learning disabilities as well as programs for young female students to further support their education and ensure every child has access to high quality schooling.

Patrick Dwyer aims to improve himself and his community with all that he does.

  • Education
    • Providence College