Paul DellaRocco

With over 35 years of experience in the healthcare management industry, Paul DellaRocco serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of a health care proprietary company in the Boston area that manages acute care, specialty, and rehabilitation hospitals and other health and educational facilities. Mr. DellaRocco has been instrumental in improving the financial condition of numerous small- and mid-sized hospitals. Successful past projects led by Paul DellaRocco include returning a struggling Catholic children’s hospital to solvency, preventing the closure of a rehabilitation hospital, and increasing admissions at three suburban hospitals through creative advertising campaigns. Several organizations within the field of hospital management have recognized Paul DellaRocco’s efforts in restructuring health care facilities to achieve greater profitability, presenting him with several awards throughout his career. For his marketing efforts, Mr. DellaRocco earned a Touchstone Award from the American Hospital Association, a Flashes of Brilliance award from the Academy of Health Sciences Marketing, and Gold and Silver Awards from the American Marketing Association. Mr. DellaRocco also received several official proclamations of appreciation from state governors and legislators. In addition to his contributions in hospital administration, Paul DellaRocco has served as a professor, instructor, and lecturer at the graduate and undergraduate level. Mr. DellaRocco has accepted academic appointments at many prominent educational institutions, including the New Hampshire Technical Institute, Boston University School of Public Health, The University of New Hampshire, and Suffolk University. After earning his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the State University of New York, Mr. DellaRocco obtained a Master of Health Services Administration from Antioch University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Long Island University.