Phil Shepherd

London, United Kingdom.

Easy and fun to use 3D graphical software working at the interface between mind and computer, not artificial intelligence, but computer-enhanced human intelligence.

Thortspace is psychologically therapeutic 3D graphical software developed by a team of brilliant code writers inspired by the thinking of Heidegger, Kahneman and Bindon.

Phil is

A Director of Gooisoft, developers of software to improve knowledge and thought-processing to accelerate and amplify innovation, stimulate creativity and generate new ideas and better decision making.

Supporting the harnessing of innovative ideas that generate pioneering sustainable global philanthropic action.

Developing an on-line Philanthropy Profiling System and software designed to more accurately capture peoples' preferences across multiple products and services such as discovering people's levels of interest in and enthusiasms for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

A Director of the think-tank, Mindful Policy Group

A Trustee of the charity Work Stress Solutions

Previously a Trustee of Wave Trust (for ten years) - now on the Advisory Council