Philip Thomas Mesman

Philip Thomas Mesman is a 25-year-old computer programmer and app developer living and working in Oakville, Ontario. Tommy was born in Haarlem Netherlands and immigrated to Prince Edward Island as a toddler.

As a kid, he loved playing video and computer games and would even try taking the games apart to figure out how they worked. A chance encounter at Career Day with a game developer helped him pick his career path early on. After completing high school, Tommy attended University, where he studied Computer Science and earned high marks. He then studied app development and coding at a local college to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge. After successfully completing an internship at a small computer technology company in PEI, he left the island in 2011 to pursue his dream of launching his own app.

His desire to work amongst the best and brightest brought him to Canada’s version of Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the country, Waterloo, Ontario. Tommy flourished among the tech leaders of the country and worked at various start-ups.

Mesman soon relocated a short drive away, in Oakville, where he freelances for Digerotica LLC in Mississauga. The adult app company caters to the diverse needs adults have when it comes to apps. From social networking, videos and photos, digital bartenders, even recipe guides, the company offers a variety of apps and services. Mesman has worked with Digerotica since 2013 and is one of the company’s lead developers.

In addition to freelancing for Digerotica, Mesman runs a technology consulting company called PTTechconsulting ( where he continues to help local start-up companies and young entrepreneurs with program and app development.

Mesman also mentors local high-school students who want to work as game and app developers. An avid traveler, he enjoys visiting new locales and countries and experiencing their culture first hand. He often returns to PEI to visit his parents, family and friends, as well as to visit children during the career day that was so instrumental in shaping his career.

Philip Thomas Mesman can be reached at [email protected] or 289-981-3593 or through his assistant Tanya at [email protected]. For PTTechconsulting hit [email protected] or visit our website. Gamer tag me at thomas29031 to play COD.