Gord Lemon

Real Estate Coach and Investor Gord Lemon Teaches the “Get Rich Slowly” Method

Gord Lemon’s success as a real estate coach is directly related to the skills he developed as a real estate investor. Prior to delivering his training sessions, Gord studied the industry to ascertain which approaches worked and which didn't.

Real estate is a crowded field filled with an over-emphasis on “get rich quick” schemes that rarely produce long-term success.

What makes his training such a success is that Gord infused his “get rich slowly” approach with transferable business skills like marketing, market research, finance, negotiation, etc.

The bulk of Gord’s “Property Prophets” coaching includes a series of on-line modules that allow participants to work at their own pace. Each module is accompanied by real life activities which puts learning into practice while systematically building the real estate business.

Gord further strengthens his training with one-on-one coaching.

There’s also a social approach to how Gord coaches. His goal is not just to make deals /build portfolios, but also to strengthen communities.

He teaches individuals how to become local real estate experts in their own communities and make money close to home, then use that knowledge and confidence to become an expert in other locals.

The long-term success of individuals he coached is as great a reward to Gord as his accomplishments as an investor.

He has written extensively on real estate and has been a regular contributor to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine. His advice has also been published on The Huffington Post and The REIN Report.

Gord was a significant part of the Toronto music scene for many years. He is an accomplished bass player, producer, songwriter, composer and arranger in many musical genres including Jazz, Latin, Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk, Reggae, Gospel, Country & Theatre. He has performed thousands of live engagements, performed on countless CDs & produced shows for the Canadian Armed Forces Peacekeeping tours.