Publicity Lab

Publicity Lab

Publicity Lab is a PR Agency devoted to the promotion of artists, labels and events.

We are based in the Netherlands and have an international presence that comes from more than 14 years experience in the music industry. Our team has worked in many aspects of the music industry such as managing clubs and festivals, tour and stage management, pr management, label management and event organisation.

We aim to give each individual artist, label, agency or promoter a PR package that is individually tailored to their needs, whilst striving to always be available and ready to rise to their specific needs and challenges.

Publicity Lab offers a wide range of services to its clients, these include:

Writing and re-writing biographies and discographies in Dutch, English and German
Writing press releases and editorial texts for websites and newsletters in Dutch, English and German
Benelux - Radio, TV and online promotion of all kinds
Worldwide - Radio, TV and online promotion of all kinds
Liaising with bookers and promoters to create maximum media exposure for each artist performing date
Distributing music, press releases and promotional content to our International media database
Organising interviews and dealing with press requests
Organising press days and press guidance on location
Organising music videos, photo shoots and press pictures
Artist handling on location, stage and tour management
Graphic design/artwork services

Publicity Lab clients:
Funkerman - Marc Romboy - Sony/ATV - Systematic Recordings - Sharam Jey - Can You Feel It Records - Anna Agency - Sorted Management - Christian Smith - Steve Mac - Taras van de Voorde - Compact Disco - Festival deBeschaving - Fire In The Disco - SmithsonMartin - 3FM/BNN - Upstream Advertising/Jack Daniels - Manual Music - Paul Hazendonk - Furrr & Hazendonk - Kramnik - Interlab Music - Logical Progression - DJ Salah - Prismatikone Records - Eevonext - Tune Brothers - Boris Ross - STUG - Push It Records - Colorswork - Dutch Audio Platform - DJ Irwan - IMHouse - Justin Michael - Filigran Records

Publicity Lab, P.O. Box 107, 4900 AC, Oosterhout, the Netherlands, +31653188349 //