Purvi Shah

Worcester, MA

“Those who know, do; Those who understand, teach.” - Aristotle
I have ‘done’ marketing and now I ‘teach’ marketing at Worcester Polytechnic Institute School of Business, Worcester, MA.

Purvi Shah is an experienced marketing professional and educator. She has a diverse industry experience in the marketing/brand management function of mid-size to large corporations across consumer goods, retail, and real estate verticals. She has extensive experience in brand, product, and event management. She has also conceptualized and implemented effective marketing/sales promotions, advertising/public relations campaigns, and market/media research projects.

In academics, she aspires to play her role as a researcher (knowledge creation) and teacher (knowledge dissemination). Her research questions, in the context of discovery, attempt to explain and understand interesting and challenging marketing phenomena that have not received much research attention. She is also skilled at teaching and training budding managers. The overarching purpose of her teaching is to improve upon her students’ knowledge base by facilitating learning through creative, critical, and reflective thinking.

They say that any business stands only on two pillars – Innovation and Marketing. It is a profound thought put very simply. Any business begins with an idea, an innovative market offering and thereafter, the ongoing effort is to market the offering in a manner that boosts the topline and bottomline. Having worked in industry as a marketing professional and now pursuing a career in marketing academics, establishes her belief in the above thought as well as explains her passion for marketing, the core function of business.

  • Work
    • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Education
    • B.Com. (Eco), MMS (Mktg), MBA (Mktg & IB), Ph.D. (Mktg)