R. A. Savary

Duluth, MN

In fifth grade I turned in an English assignment that was nine pages long. I forget what the teacher's required minimum was for this particular story - I think it was something like six complete sentences. This was a general English class, where preadolescents were being taught to say "isn't" instead of "aint." I remember the whining and complaining of the other students. It didn't register until many years later that there was probably a very good reason why I felt compelled to write such an atrosity. I remember the junior high school librarian, along with several teachers, making a big deal about it and asking if she could keep it. I wouldn't take writing seriously again, for about twenty years; even then, I didn't think about that early story. I think about it a lot, now, after recently committing myself to finishing a novel and writing on a daily basis. What I remember about the story is that it was basically a plagiarized, compressed version of "Robinson Crusoe." Even though I regretfully didn't get to go back and view that mini-manuscript, I am sure that, in another world, Mrs. Odom is happy she kept it, if only for how that memory stands firm now. Funding prevented me from attending the NYC Pitch Conference in 2011, an initial let down that I am now grateful for. I am nearly finished reworking my novel, "Special" and will again query agents as I am intent on a traditional publishing route. www.rasavary.com takes you to my website and http://rasavary.blogspot.com takes you to my blog. I haven't had much time for blogging but at least you can find me by using these 2 links. Have a great day!

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