Alexander Klein

Architecture by Day / Musician after Dark! in Montana

Alexander Klein

Architecture by Day / Musician after Dark! in Montana

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When I'm not strapped to an old hunk of Alder, Ash or Mahogany playing "the Blues" or "Classic" Rock somewhere out there on the planet...

Because the boys and I are hitting the road. The Billion Dollar Blues Band" will prove to you that I'm a freakin classic with an "Honest to Gawd" 2017 World Tour, dammit!) Just hit that orange button up there and I"ll prove it to you! LOL!

When I'm not doing sound checks or playing encores... I'm flapping from the handlebars in some exotic land filled with hardship usually in the midst of some terrible crisis or natural disaster...

Seasoned by over thirty years in the field...

(Whew! I didn't realize that my life was so complicated!) LOL!

You know... this is so informal. Let's just start over;

Okay, when I'm not playing music, working at or consulting into Sustainable Architecture projects, I write affordable housing blogs at and publish books about affordable, sustainable housing (mostly built by repurposing ISBUs - shipping containers). And every once in a while, one of life's big mysteries shows up in my set list about a girl who ran off with my car and my dog... LOL!

In the end, it's all about "family". Each day, we strive to adopt and adapt sustainable practices into our everyday lives that help insure "Family Survival".

Self awareness brings self reliance & self responsibility. THAT act makes you capable of withstanding events that would cause others to falter.

Life is about taking steps forward in spite of the fact that you still fall down every once in a while. The art is in getting back up each time to meet the new challenges ahead...

WE seek to empower you so that you are empowered to help others.

A family is just one thread in the tapestry of community.

That "CLOTH created" is either strong or weak, depending on the strength of THOSE family threads.

And... EVERY Family deserves a SAFE Home.

At the end of the day, before I put my horses, cattle and kids to bed...

(I'm a horseman and NOT a cowboy. I don't "punch cattle" unless they punch me first!)

I check my list and make sure that all my chores are done. Then, once I am satisfied that I should sleep... I kiss my kid goodnight and do a "mirror check" to make sure I can live with myself in the morning before heading off to that big king sized bed in the trees...

By the way, I'm really Batman!

  • Work
    • ISBU Idiot Savant
  • Education
    • UCLA - but my Experience is more valuable than the degrees.