lorna lardizabal dietz

Marketing, ethnic Media, and Business Solutions Consultant in San Francisco, California

lorna lardizabal dietz

Marketing, ethnic Media, and Business Solutions Consultant in San Francisco, California

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First and foremost, I'm a human being. It's a label I'm comfortable with. I believe in "living my life like an experiment" --- and I've gone through many incarnations and transformations in my journeys. My personal brand is "A Radiant View with Lorna Lardizabal Dietz." I believe that God and the Universe (or Science) converge in my thoughts and my deeds. My talents and skills are meant to be shared with those who understand how their gifts can be enhanced so they, too, can share their passions and work(s) with underserved communities.

I guide people to deliver their message with clarity, a leap of faith, and service above self.



As a digital public relations specialist (since 1996), Lorna's "community publicity" work encourages collaboration among ethnic community-based organizations and business professionals. Integrated online communications were also enhanced with her first blog in 2004, eventually using social media tactics for online advocacy and media presence within the global Filipino community. For example, GMA Network, Inc.'s international channels in the USA, such as GMA Pinoy TV, AyalaLand International Marketing, Inc. and BahaySaPinas.com have engaged her online public relations expertise and other skills.

Currently, Lorna's commercial projects effortlessly harness her "town crier" abilities, marketing copy skills, and professional sales experience.

Lorna works part-time for Eric Swanson Allstate Insurance Agency in San Francisco as a licensed life agent. She is also a Notary Public in the State of California.

Lorna Dietz "connects the dots" among Filipino non-profits worldwide. Since 2002, Lorna has volunteered with the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), providing the early online communications and digital footprints for its advocacies. She has been volunteering as a media specialist for the private foundation, One World Institute, since 2010. In 2009, she started volunteering for the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce where she served as secretary in 2018. Currently, Lorna is the board secretary of SF Filipino American Chamber of Commerce and Philippine American Press Club, and a board member of SF Filipino Cultural Center and SF Unified Lions Club. She is a Regional Chair Emeritus of NaFFAA Region 8.

Lorna was recently honored as one of TOFA’s (The Outstanding Filipinos in America) 100 most influential Filipino Americans in 2020 to mark its 10th year anniversary.