Rahsaan Fenn

Actor, Writer, and Life Coach in New York

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Actor. Poet. Dancer. Life Coach. Eternal Optimist.

Through my life, work, and play, I hope to inspire people to have faith in Love and Love powerfully, believe in themselves, appreciate the simple beauties of life, dare to dream big, and to accept themselves unconditionally. If I can entertain while bringing joy and laughter along the way, I am that much happier.

See, live, dance, dream, and create the art that is our everyday lives.


Life Coach/ Certified Hypnotist. 14.5 years of professional experience in crisis intervention, guiding clients out of painful emotions, clarifying goals, facilitating others through confused thoughts, case management, developing plans of action. Responded to over 55,000 client calls for help.


Currently a student in the Master of Fine Arts poetry program at Drew University. Hosted events for peers and distinguished faculty. Featured as a spoken word poet in assorted venues. Experience editing peer, student, and business writing.


Actor trained in a hybrid of Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, and Lee Strasberg techniques. Extremely motivated by challenging and creative projects that encourage artistic growth. Experienced with voice acting technique and commercials. Stage and screen experience. Interested in exploring the creative possibilities offered by modeling. Dedicated, reliable, hardworking, dependable, follow instructions well, work well with others.


I am a new student of languages and a lifelong student of the beauties of English, though it is my native language. Currently, I am studying Russian and am at the beginner level. Я говорю немного по-русски и я буду изучать говорить больше. I, also, tutor enthusiastic learners of English, located all around the world, by giving them informal tutoring sessions. This gives them the opportunity to practice what they are studying in a supervised, safe, comfortable environment where it is okay to make mistakes and be imperfect. In studying languages, I yearn to explore distant cultures not as a tourist looking at culture from the outside, but as traveler looking to marinate in beauty and new life. I look forward to sharing such beauty with others to foster a spirit of brotherhood and understanding between the people of distant nations.


For seven years, I have been a student of Latin and American Ballroom dance styles. For six of those years, I have shared dance with others through instruction and coaching.

  • Education
    • Drew University
    • Stockton University
    • Ocean County College