Ralph Hänel

WingTsun Instructor, Author, and Actor in Germany

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Changing lives, one punch at a time.

Ralph Hänel, German-born self-defense expert, author & publisher, looks back at over 40 years of martial arts training. He started his studies 1977 in Judo, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Karate. In 2014 he celebrated the 30th anniversary of learning and teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

For some 29 years now, his life is committed to teaching Wing Tsun full time. Benefit from his experience of having learned in the worldwide largest professional Kung Fu organization. For 16 years Ralph was educated by expert WingTsun masters whose previous careers spanned from professional boxing to full contact champions to military combat instructors.

More than 10 years were invested into the development of his teaching and learning method named "WingTsun-CoreConcepts," which generated a series of special topic seminars.
Draw new motivation out of this blueprint for successful training, learning and teaching. Supercharge your results.

He is General Conrad Matheus in QUANTUM SHOCK Black drop, the sci-fi - action movie.

"Ralph Haenel - My Martial Arts Education 1977 - 2000".

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