Randy Bramblett

3556 Sacramento St San Francisco CA 94118

B.S. Exercise Physiology & Nutrition Science - University of California at Davis Randy is an avid practitioner in many areas related to health and fitness. Owner of Urban Athlete LLC Randy has professionally catered to numerous people, groups, and organizations helping them utilize all areas of health and fitness to become the most balanced and healthy "life athlete." Since 2004 Randy has been providing industry leading private personal training and fitness consulting for: Fat loss- Injury Rehab- Sport Specific- Lean Muscle Mass- Strength- Endurance- Toning and Shaping- Holistic Conditioning- Integrated Core Stabilization- Cardiovascular Improvement- Neuromuscular Conditioning- Postural Compensation Correction Nutrition And Lifestyle Coaching Randy is certified and influenced by CrossFit, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Paul Check, Functional Training, Sports Performance Coaching, USA Cycling and Holistic Lifestyle Consulting for: Fat Loss- Toxicity & Detoxification- Dietary Guidelines- Sub Clinical Advising- Alternative Healing Methods- Common Ailments- Sports Specific Nutrition- Orthomolecular Nutrition (vitamins, minerals, supplements) About Randy Randy embarked on his private practice in order to serve a mission in helping anyone find their "inner athlete." Committing all his resources to helping others reach their goals, whether performance related or developing key physical, mental, and disciplinary tools, and knowledge needed to reach one's inner potential. Randy is an avid athlete and has an extensive career as an elite level road cyclist since the age of 18. Randy became a conference champion and part of a national champion team going on to race for several successful teams currently. Majoring in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science at UC Davis (graduating in 2004) Randy worked and interned under some of the worlds most renowed professors at UC Davis. Currently Randy also instructs the NASM curriculum course teaching and certifying future personal trainers. Studio Location Randy conducts sessions at Synergy Fitness Studio located in Laurel Heights, 3556 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA and also TRUVE FIT in uptown Oakland, CA - Randy can be reached at randy@randybramblett.com or 530.400.3319

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