Raphael H Cohen

Turning caterpillars into agile and… passionate corporate butterflies

Raphael Cohen is an expert in professional agility and "weapons of mass innovation". He has conceived the IpOp Model, which is presented in his latest book "Winning Opportunities, proven tools for converting your projects into succes… without a business plan"

downloadable on www.winningopportunities.org

The French version "Concevoir et lancer un projet" was published in 2006. The IpOp Model taught in executive education seminars empowers entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs to identify, analyze and seize opportunities that bring competitive advantages to their company. In large organizations Raphael's tools boost innovation, entrepreneurial behavior, selling effectiveness, business development as well as employees' commitment.

Raphael also designed and runs MicroMBA MB executive education programs customized to stimulate the agility and intrapreneurial behavior of middle management in large companies such as Nestlé, Microsoft, Sanofi-aventis, banks as well as public sector organizations such as the Geneva University Hospitals. Because MicroMBAs MB generate measurable profits exceeding their cost, they represent a change of paradigm in executive education programs.

MicroMBAs MB are the corporate version of the first four CREATE courses of Entrepreneurship for engineers and scientists in Switzerland (at both University of Geneva and EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) that Raphael designed and ran until 2002.

As serial entrepreneur, active CEO and business angel, Raphael brings his hands-on experience in his lecturing and consulting activities providing training, mentoring and management services to senior executives, bankers, directors and entrepreneurs. Raphael serves on the board of directors of several companies, including one Swiss bank, and is a regular contributor to several business publications.