Relana Mcglothan

Relana McGlothan is an experienced and multi-talented entertainer. Ms. McGlothan is an esteemed singer, model, and dancer residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. She attended AIU University and the University of Maryland where her studies were focused on business administration, computer science and business management. Along with being a dedicated entertainer, Relana McGlothan has also served in the military. In the US Army, her role as Human Resources Manager consisted of varying duties. She received the certificate of achievement award during her employment as an Office and Personnel Management Representative from 2008 to 2010. Relana McGlothan began a production deal with G-Codes Reco Lynch in 2006, working on several songs. It was also during this time that she became the lead singer in a popular German band. In 2007, Ms. McGlothan pursued new and exciting endeavors; at this time, she was involved in the photo shoot for Chad Boutin’s new single. It was shortly after this that she returned to the United States to pursue her singing and songwriting career. In 2008, Relana McGlothan began a long-term partnership for production with Talbot Snow at Soundmasters in Las Vegas with plans to record a new album. Currently, Relana McGlothan works as a promotion model, atmosphere model, dancer, and studio singer. She was also the primary model for a Wet Republic advertisement. Relana McGlothan formerly served the U.S. Army and belongs to several esteemed organizations, such as the ASCAP and the US Army Reserves. She is involved in a variety of noteworthy charities such as No Kid Hungry and Taste of the Nation. Ms. McGlothan is a dedicated and talented artist who prides herself on perfecting her skills. She is currently working on songs for her new album, Tease.