Richard E. Thomas (Hilton Head)

founding partner at Legacy Leadership in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

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For the last several decades, Hilton Head Island resident Richard E. Thomas has led some of the country’s most prominent entertainment and educational firms. Prior to founding the executive development firm Legacy Leadership, LLC, in Hilton Head, he served as the heads of affiliate and direct marketing and a chief human resources officer for cable television channel HBO when it was a start-up. In that capacity, Richard E. Thomas helped the firm navigate through its early stages, building business relationships with cable providers and creating a human resources program to better attract and manage talent for the growing company.

After leaving HBO, Mr. Thomas stepped into leadership positions at Comcast Communications and the QVC Network, heading the marketing divisions of both firms. A dedicated corporate advisor, he later established the Millennium Consulting Group, Inc., where he developed a number of executive leadership training courses and performance enhancement programs for prominent companies around the globe. He currently provides leadership and team development consulting to companies and executives across the country.

In his free time, Mr. Thomas maintains his fitness through sporting activities such as lacrosse and tennis. He enjoys studying military history and astronomy, traveling the globe, and collecting coins. A community-minded individual, he supports the Lowcountry Civil War Roundtable, the Heritage Library and the Hilton Head Island Institute in his hometown.

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